Joud cables factory is one of jm groups strategic and most dynamic investments.

JM group has set up a “a state of the art” manufacturing facility for the manufacturing of high end quality wires and cables.

The factory was established and registered since 1990 Joud cables is built on 10,000 sqm’s of land with around 7,000sqms of built area.


The quality and manufacturing setup at Joud cables has been sourced from some of the world’s most renowned machinery and technology suppliers with disciplines of computer integrated manufacture, and constant upgradations and expansions.

Most importantly, Joud employs engineers and operators of high calibers and a long working experience in the field, both locals and expats who have transferred their knowledge and quality assurance procedures.

The kind of machinery and QC equipment along with the commitment of such personnel enables Joud to meet all international standards and specifications including IEC, BS, VDE.


Joud derives its strength from its customers.

The growth of the latter is a prerequisite to the growth of the company and hence customer satisfaction is its prime objective.

Over the years sincere service and dedication to its customers has earned the company distinguished clientele which includes :

Leaders In Sectors Like Utilities, Power Distribution, Refineries, EPC Contractors, Steel & Metal, Cement, Flour Mills, Petroleum, Electrical Manufacturers, etc…

The factory now has a manufacturing capacity to process over 2000 tons of copper and 3000 tons of aluminum:

Flexible Cables, Building Cables, Arial Bunch Cables, Fire Survival Cable, Over Head Conductors, LT PVC Power & Control, LT XLPE Power & Control.

In an ongoing effort to improve customer satisfaction Joud offers a variety of advantages to service its customers.


  • Reliable and consistent quality

  • Commercially competitive prices

  • Reliable and just in time delivery

  • Product development for a changing market

  • A target stocking policy

  • Technical support for applications/projects

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